shaved ice cream

At Paleteria Michoacan, we provide mouthwatering smoothies that are not only refreshingly tasty, but filled with all the quality ingredients to meet your nutritional needs! We have smoothies of all kinds that can appeal to your personal fitness plan. Ditch the idea that a healthy diet is unappetizing and let Paleteria Michoacan’s smoothies prove you wrong!

When you visit our ice cream shop, you will be presented with a fine display of nutritious smoothies catered to your fitness goals. An all natural smoothie from our raspado shop, will give you the proper amount of sugars, carbs and protein that you require in a daily meal. Many of our smoothies have been used as a meal replacement because it is just that satisfying! Whether you need an energy smoothie to get your day started off right, or you need a quick snack before a workout, our smoothies are the perfect solution! Packed with the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, our smoothies are a great alternative to any bland meal.

Come quench your thirst with a healthy smoothie or a great snow cone from Paleteria Michoacan! We are conveniently located in Los Angeles, CA, so visit us today!


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